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Our Approach

Our Approach

At our core is a love for science and technology.  We want to help you get your product to patients in the most efficient way possible.  We will first evaluate whether there is a fit with our team and synergy with your business.  If this is positive, we will develop a roadmap for bringing your product to market and where we can help, and where we need to hand off to our regional partners.  This roadmap will then be flushed out with specific milestones, staff assignments, timelines, and costs.  Once we are in agreement, we will use this working document to build value in your company and move forward.  We anticipate changes and pivots as things progress but will work with you to make the best choices for the business.

Our Story

Our Story

Back in 2007 we worked together to form the Cleveland Cord Blood Center, a public umbilical cord blood bank, and we have been friends ever since.  We continued to work and interact with each other over the years and in 2018 decided to create a new consulting firm together so we could work even closer.

Meet the Founders

We are passionate about building biotechnology businesses and accelerating new technologies to patients.

Michael Gilkey founder and consultant

Michael Gilkey

Founder & Consultant

Michael has been responsible for commercial and economic development for the National Center for Regenerative Medicine with the end result of identifying new strategic partners, creating joint projects, starting sponsored research agreements and building closer relationships with current corporate partners. He has been responsible for the development and execution of organizational strategy, planning and completion of both external and internal marketing efforts, commercializing member technology through institutional technology transfer offices, and providing administrative and operational support for its members. He has coordinated the various oversight committees and interacted with partner institutions to create multi-institutional grants and training programs, aid clinical research endeavors, and interface with government relations groups to positively influence new policy. He has also helped create and grow many start-up companies; Antria, LLC, Cleveland Cord Blood Center, Gilkey Biotechnology Consulting, GTCbio, Invenio Therapeutics and Trailhead Biosystems, and provided business planning and strategy, proforma creation, raising financial capital, grant writing, marketing strategy, and creative design.

Nicholas J. Greco founder and consultant

Nicholas J. Greco

Founder and Consultant

Dr. Greco is an accomplished translational scientist in the arenas of academia, non-profits, and for-profit companies. Early studies involved extensive hematology-directed experience emphasizing the identification and functional characterization of blood cell proteins with an eye towards pharmaceutical modulating components. Embracing the stem cell revolution, basic laboratory work focused on hematology-directed CD34+ stem cells as a replacement for bone marrow which was broadened into the development and successful establishment of multiple non-profit 501(c)(3) public and for-profit family umbilical cord blood banks which collected, processed, and storing umbilical cord blood for international clinical transplantation. Regenerative medicine cord blood research focused on generating hepatocytes and pancreatic b-cell islets and augmenting vascular tissue development to facilitate myocardial repair and wound healing. To provide additional patients options, a FDA-approved IND phase I safety clinical trial treated chronic myocardial ischemia patients with autologous bone marrow-derived CD133+ adult stem cells. Development of organizations were funded by sources of revenues including competitive state and federal funding, philanthropic donors, and state and federal grants.

Karen L. Snyder founder and consultant

Karen L. Snyder

Founder and Consultant

Karen L Snyder hails from Northeast Ohio, but has a career history of turning not for profit departments to break even plus in Kansas-Menninger Video Productions and California -Annenberg Center for the Health Sciences.  Most recently she worked with start-ups in the cord blood industry in Cleveland and Syracuse navigating the 501(c)(3) process and obtaining grant and corporate funding over 5 million for organizations in the health and mental health sciences. Karen brings the skills of utility infielder to companies in the early and critical stages of start-up.  She will identify opportunities for funding and places to hold back even when money is available.  Helping first time grant applicants, avoiding missteps in hiring and early marketing decisions is where she can help you the most.

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